Hong Kong by Night

Hong Kong isn’t quite as striking as Singapore at night, but still pretty impressive.  Views of the harbor make up for some of what they’re lacking in Singapore’s lighting finesse.  Not too shabby though, as you’ll see below:



The one thing I regret was not getting to ride one of these double decker trams



Literally cooking on the street

Hong Kong has a bunch of markets that thrive at night, so I went to check them out.  First up, the Goldfish Market.


All sorts of options for decorating your fish tanks


Some had true aquariums, but most fish were sold this way



A whole street lined with everything aquatic


Tiny turtles and tortoises


There was a thriving food scene there as well, so I did my usual and got in the longest line, and ordered whatever they were having.



I think these were fish balls and shu mai, which feels a little mean being so close to so many pet fish…


Next I walked through to the Women’s Market, which while it did have a lot of women’s accessories (i.e. knock-off purses) had a full range of tchotkes for all genders


Who wants an Old Big Finger?



A massive chocolate cheese bun.  I promise I didn’t eat it all in one sitting, or even all of it.


Also oversized…



In case the Extra-Stretch Scrunchies weren’t good enough

I walked past a place called the Yee Shun Milk Company and the windows were filled with these bowls.  Of course, naturally I was curious so ducked in and bought one.




Steamed milk with ginger

The milk shop had a sort of diner feel.  There were a lot of choices, with or without egg, chocolate, ginger, and others, each of them could be ordered hot or cold.  I went with the steamed milk with ginger served hot.  It was a texture unlike anything I’ve had before.  Much lighter than a creme brulee or pot de creme, and less gelatinous than flan.  It was really delicious, creamy and light and not too sweet, but sweet enough that the spice of fresh ginger juice was a nice contrast.  They also sold various types of toast and a couple of egg options too.  I’d be curious to learn how to make them at home.  It was like the perfect late night snack before I headed to the MTR to the ferry to the bus to home.

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