New Year’s Day

Seeing everyones posts made me think about the fact that I haven’t done too much reflecting on 2016 or 2017.  There’s been so much change in 2016 that I think I was too busy feeling it to have a lot of perspective.  So I spent the first day of the year just alone in my own head, catching up on some yoga reading and some writing, and trying to set some goals for the upcoming year.  I put my bathing suit on and laid on the roof deck with my journal, my book, my laptop and my phone and it was just what I needed.  Eventually I ventured out for lunch at Whampoa, the local “wet market” and hawker center.




I want to make sure I’m getting to try the best things so today I instituted a new system.  I figured the locals know best so just started following the crowd.  I got on the longest line and ate whatever they were selling.  For lunch it was the “Best Lu Mian in Town.”  It cost S$3, which is about $2 US.  I have no idea what Lu Mian is, but it was delicious.


Also, everyone in front of me was putting all the condiments on their dish, so I did that too, not knowing what any of them were besides the chilis.  I figured the green stuff seemed safe but I thought the red paste might be lethal but when in Rome…


Condiment options – I tried them all and didn’t even cry! Turns out the clear-ish stuff is raw garlic.


Best Lu Mian in town



The other longest line.  Putting it on my to do list.


Dollar Store Bins


Red Kueh, it’s meant to look like a turtle shell ~$2 US


Peanut Kueh Interior


Balestier Road

After lunch I did some more reading and then walked the hour downtown to a yoga class, which just happened to be near the Maxwell Food Market.  I got dinner there again, this time trying the best known Singaporean dish, Hainanese chicken rice.  I ordered the “set” which came with clear soup and bok choy.  I also added a black soy soaked egg because eggs make everything better.


When I got back to the apartment, Estela had bought banana fritters, and claimed these were the best in the city, because unlike most the pastry didn’t get soggy.  She was right, they were incredible.  Flaky, crunchy, sweet, with a not-too-sweet banana in the center.   I promise tomorrow’s will have something cultural, or at least something that’s not about food.  😉


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