Erawan National Park

Only I could spend an entire day splashing around in waterfalls and still make a post that’s almost exclusively pictures of food.  But here we go again.  In my defense, the waterfalls were wet, and so was I after swimming in them.  I didn’t want to risk my camera and/or phone, and it’s hard to take pictures of yourself when you’re by yourself.  I hate to admit it but I’m starting to understand the functionality of a selfie stick.  Plus, you don’t really need to see a selfie of me in my bathing suit anyway. Ugh. In any case, I took a retro 2 hour bus ride to the waterfalls in the morning, and spent the day there before catching the bus back.  It was a lot of travel but the ride itself was pretty.  We drove through the mountains and the light had a really golden color to it.  I didn’t see much on the way home as the bus was so crowded I had to sit on the floor.


*Jackfruit, being cut up and sectioned.  Breakfast!  The flavor is good, but fairly mild.  The texture is hard to explain, it’s more like a pineapple in that way than anything else, but definitely in a category of its own.


Some beautiful handmade sarongs (I bought a less beautiful, less expensive not-handmade one)


Retro bus to Erawan

The interior had wood plank floors (through which you could see the ground at spots) and actual oscillating fans attached to the ceiling instead of air conditioning.


Plus these are kinda my favorite colors



There was also a poster about guarding your picnic lunch from the monkeys.  Sadly, it seemed to be monkey-free today

There are seven levels of waterfalls, spanning 1.2k.  The climb between the levels was decent, and kinda fun.  Thai people are pretty modest so the hairy guy in the Speedo was definitely a foreigner.  The Thai people mostly got into the waterfalls fully dressed, if at all.


Waterfall #2

There were fish in each of the pools which would come up and nibble on you.  It was more startling than painful, but still a little bit odd.  In some places (including Thailand, I think, but definitely Korea) women pay for this in salons.  It’s a treatment to remove dead skin, like a pedicure.


That little boy is going to be callous-free any second



In a couple of places along the way, there were shrines with brightly colored women’s dresses hung up.  I don’t know why, I’ll have to see if I can find out the significance.


One of the shrines


Made it! Waterfall #7


My view from the floor of the bus on the ride home


There are tons of scooters and mopeds, and lots of sidecars, like this one.  I’ve seen them mostly used for carrying goods, but occasionally people as well.


*Mystery fruit!  If anyone can help me identify id, I’d appreciate it.  The woman said it was Himalayan?



I think this is what I had the other day that I wasn’t wild about.  Guava?


The market tonight also had a sort of flea market component.  All sorts of stuff was being sold, but I mostly just cared about the food, as usual.  🙂


*Sweet potato puffs.  Reading the sign, I was expecting them to taste like sweet potatoes, but they didn’t. They didn’t taste potato-y at all, sweet or otherwise. They just tasted like little puffy chewy balls of dough, and although they were fried, they were still really light.  Kinda like a zeppole? but less fried tasting

I think this is the pancake the couple in my cooking class was talking about the other night.  She stretched out the dough, almost the way you toss a pizza, and put it on the griddle and filled it with scrambled egg, sugar, and chopped banana.  She then folded it over and flipped it.  I’m not sure if it was the dough or the egg or both, but it puffed up.  She topped it with sugar and condensed milk to finish it off.  It reminded me most of the gozleme I got in Turkey.



*I swear I’ve been walking a ton and am not going to come home weighing 400 pounds


The Thai version of Italian?


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    OMG! You are making me hungry!!!

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