Leaving Kanchanaburi

This should be a kinda short one, just my last day in Kanchanaburi for my bus to leave that night and I just spent the whole day wandering through the less touristy part of town.


A more attractive shot of my guest house


Not sure what’s going on here, a giant bee hive?

As you walk around town you pass shops with this incredible smell wafting out of them.  The shops themselves don’t look like much, more like a garage than a bakery, but they smell like waffles, or fresh ice cream cones.  They’re make with coconut (isn’t everything?) and they have a couple of different varieties, some flavored with mango or durian.  I couldn’t tell the difference between them, so I just chose the ones in the orange packaging.  As far as I can tell, they’re the plain coconut ones.  They’re like and not too sweet, a good breakfasty-snack.  I’m sure they’d be great with coffee, if you’re into that kind of thing.


*Coconut wafers with black sesame (40 baht)

And if you were worried all I eat is junk food, don’t be!  Because coconut ice cream is healthy!


*It says so right on the cup so it must be true! (20 baht)


Frogs for sale in the market.  I also saw the “after” state being sold as well.


Curry paste, I think


Cats again


And puppies


And to think I hate ironing with modern irons!


The few fishing boats I saw, most were floating restaurant/party boats


An entire store that just sold rice


Scooter with sidecar, this time in use


*Mystery drink, cola colored but not cola flavored, it was sweet, with strings of gelatin mixed into the crushed ice (15 baht)

A couple of chip varities: hot chili squid flavor, namtok hotpot, and nori seaweed.  Pretty sure Lay’s doesn’t market these in the States.


Fried crab and fish chips, the first ingredient was tapioca, but after that, all actual crab or fish and seasonings


Dunkin’ Donuts has much cuter donuts in Thailand


*Dinner! Salt crusted whole fish (150 baht)


*Morning glory vine, fried with garlic. It was good, kind of like broccoli raab, with a teriyaki like sauce (60 baht)


Tuk tuk ride to the bus station


Bus station bathroom. I’ll just hold it, thanks

The bus was super plush, and they gave us food and drinks and water.  The seats reclined almost the way back.  It’s a 10 hour trip, overnight, and it cost 820 baht ($23) There was another, less plush bus next to us in the bus station, which was making the same trip.  It was filled with Thai people, whereas my bus was almost all foreigners.  I’m sure the other bus was cheaper, but when I bought my ticket, they didn’t give me a choice.


Disco bus?


No filter, it really looked like this

Luckily they turned the disco lights off not long after leaving the station.  I put on my eye mask and neck pillow (I apologize to all of the people who I have been mocking in my head for years, they’re totally worth looking dorky over!) just slept the entire ride.  In Chiang Mai now and about to go exploring.  Full day cooking class with a trip to the market and playing with elephants to come!

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